Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Martha definately doesn't live here.....

I went to bed last night with high hopes of getting up bright and early and starting my new plan
of attack.  Get this house in shape!  But being the procrastinator that I am, I was able to elude
my plan yet another day.  I had to exercise (that is one of my New Years Resolutions),

(These are my feet, in my sneakers, in the parking lot of the gym)

 I had
to do a topical cleaning of the kitchen and baths, I had to play with my beads, and I had to
watch Martha Stewart.  Notice that 'I had' to do all these things.  Not only do I have crafting
ADD, I also seem to suffer from cleaning ADD. 

As I was saying, I had to watch Martha today.  Boy, I can sure tell you that Martha doesn't
live at my house.  Do you really think her home is as spotless and organized as she portrays in her
books and on  her shows, or is she just 'putting on airs.'  I truly hope she has a disorganized
closet or two.  A junk drawer somewhere where she has no idea what is in it.  Perhaps a
dirty towel left lying on the floor.... A spoiled carton of milk in the fridge  (I have to honestly
say that one has never happened in my home.  My kids drink so much milk, I have to
restock the fridge a couple of times a week).  Anyway, one can only hope.  Martha
did share a couple of ideas that might help me solve some of our kitchen clutter.  I'm
going to give that a whirl and see if it works.  If it does, I'll have to share it.

I subscribe to numerous feeds and such from not only bloggers, but stores, companies, magazines, etc.
I did recieve one from Better Homes and Gardens - Life Made Better that suggested 18 things to get
rid of that you won't miss.  Now I do have to say that my past purging attempts have gotten rid
of a lot of stuff, I seem to have missed a lot too.  Things like extraneous kitchen utensils,
coffee mugs, extra plastic containers, magazines, unread and read books, clothes, clothes, 
and clothes,  food,  and linens.  They mentioned other  things, but I'll just say that I am on
top of those (ha, ha).  Thats my 'Mission Possible,' if i decide to accept it.  I'll let you know
how it goes.  

In the meantime, I did play with my beads and little bit of my fabrics and such.  I'll just leave you
with those images for know.


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