Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unveiling the '7000 Bracelets of Hope'..

Today's the day.  It's the day that those of us participating in Lori Anderson's latest Blog Hop show what we made.   A Blog Hop is a sort of party where the participants and those that follow their blogs are invited to hop around to a host of blogs that are participating in a similarly themed party.  This one just happens to support The Global Genes Project. This advocacy group is sponsoring a campaign to show support for children who suffer from rare diseases and their families.  The bracelets will be donated to this group for distribution to the families of these children to show that people do care and support them in their battle.

I have been blessed with two healthy children.  Their medical needs run along the lines of colds, sprains, and routine checkups.  I cannot even comprehend how overwelming, stressful, and scary it would be to have an ill child, let alone one suffering from a rare disease.  I hope that this campaign provides the families with a tangible representation that they are not alone in their struggles. 

After raiding my bead stash, this is what I created.

I used Dyed Imperial Jasper Sapphire lentils, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver findings and sterling chain to create this bracelet.  I attached an adjustable toggle clasp and a small charm that says 'Hope'.  I hope that who ever receives this bracelet knows that I am thinking of their children and families.  I hope that they know that their are not alone in their stuggles.  I hope that they know that a miracle is always just around the corner.

When I finished this bracelet, I looked at all of my leftovers and thought,  'Earrings'.  So I made a pair of earrings to match the bracelet. 

So, go on now.  Hope on over to Lori Anderson's Blog and follow the trail.  I am positive you'll find many beautiful and unique things along the way.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wishing for a spring day....

Yep, I'm still wishing for a nice, sunny, spring day.  At this point, it
doesn't even have to be warm out.  Just seeing Mr. Sun would be fabulous.
But since the real thing doesn't seem to be coming for an extended
visit any time soon, I'll just have to make due with this sunny face..
Cute garden decor, huh?

However, even without the sun shining there are signs that spring is on its way..

All these pretty flowers seem to know that spring can't be far away.   The blue of this flower reminds me that I am participating in a Bracelet Blog Hop - 7000 Bracelets of Hope hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.    You may recall that I participated in her Bead Soup Blog Party back in February.  I'm looking forward to raiding my bead stash and finding some fabulous blue beads with which to create a bracelet. When finished all the participants will post their creations on April 16th.  The 7000 Bracelets of Hope project is sponsored by The Global Genes Project.  This is the advocacy group which launched this program ass a way to show support to those families who have a child with a rare disease. Come back and check it out on April 16th.  I better get hopping as this is just next week. 

And speaking of hopping, Easter is coming soon.  So my chaotic crafting has turned toward making Eastery crafts.  Check out Quilted Cupcakes adorable bunnies.  I think I'll have to make a basket of these cute little

Have a wonderful weekend.  Hope the sun is shining in your corner of the world.