Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Party Time......

Once again it's party time.  The wonderful Lori Anderson of Pretty Things is once again hosting The Bead Soup Blog Party.   An amazing event considering she is the one hosting, matching partners, taking care of the details necessary to make such an event a success, just generally being on top of it all as usual.  And there are 362 people participating.  It is absolutely mind boggling to me. 

But not to delay,  my wonderful partner for this party is Polly Barker from Chanute, Kansas.   Polly sent me a wonderful collection of beads. 

The bead selection included a beautiful floral pendant, so reminiscent of a lovely
summer day.  It also included a tube of delicas, three strands of crystals, a beautiful
length of blue silk, and a wonderfully unique clasp.

As you can see, the floral clasp is so cute with the little bee hook.

And this picture of the pendant doesn't do it justice.

And now without further ado...

I sewed seed beads onto all of the edges of the silk cord.

I was able to frame the pendant with two sterling beads and pulled the silk cording through the
pendant.  I knotted the cording on each side of the framing beads.

The pendant was so beautiful that I wanted to keep it in the front of the piece, just off-centered.

I used the crystals to create a meandering daisy chain to draw attention upward to the cute clasp.

Again a big thanks to Lori Anderson for being the driving force of this wonderful adventure, and a big hug to my partner Polly Barker for my wonderful soup ingredients.

So don't linger here too long, there are 361 more blogs to go visit.  You can find the complete list here.

Thanks for stopping by,