Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Party Time Again!

The amazing Lori Anderson is again hosting her wonderful Bead Soup Blog Party.  For those of you who are not familiar with this, it's really pretty cool.   Lori is an absolutely brilliant host.  You sign up to participate through her blog Pretty Things.  She then picks your beading partner with whom you exchange a set of beads (including a clasp, focal, and accent beads).  You then get to put your thinking cap on and create a necklace or what not with your beads and on party day you simply post your wonderful creation.  I really enjoyed the last one.  I spent three days Blog Hopping and checking out everyone's marvelous work.  You cannot believe how many marvelously talented people there are.

Bead Soup Blog Party

I can't wait to start. 

I've really got to get with the program....

Like many, I created this blog with the intention of sharing my creative adventures with others and to try to keep myself accountable for my other everyday adventures (sounds so much better than household duties).   While my creative adventures have continued, my sharing has not.  This problem is directly related to the second reason I started blogging.  Accountability.  I'm great in the planning, collecting of materials, projects, and usually the completion of a number of projects, it's the reporting part of the process that I seem to fail at.  (This is where my creative projects get in the way of household duties and other things.)  Anyway, think of this as my clean start.  Below are a few pictures of a few of my more artistic projects.

Consider this my new beginning in the world of blogging, crafting and keeping accountable and organized.  Hope you check in often, I hope not to disappoint.